Search's Christmas!!

This time of year has always been special, even as I get older, my memories come back and nostalgia overcomes me. Apart from the wrapping of presents and the tricky, methodical way of 'putting up the tree', it's always the smell of baking that takes me back to England and my mother's kitchen. From as early as November, there'll be the wonderful aroma of freshly baked mince pies.


Lovely flakey rich pastry with a moist (dried) fruit and spice filling. These seasonal pies are a popular treat in the U.K and are so easy to make.



Another seasonal cake we have is the notorious Christmas Cake... You either love it or hate it!

As a child, I wasn't so keen but as I got older its become one of my favourite cakes with a cup of tea.




This has to be our heaviest cake due to the sheer amount of dried fruits inside. As a matter of fact, there is more fruit & nuts than cake mix. After baking, the cake is made even heavier by the many additions of rum or brandy poured on top over a months period. My Mother typically made our cake in October so it had time to mature and to be ready for the 25th.



We demonstrated Mince pies & Christmas cake this month. Many students hadn't tried such cakes and were instantly hooked!! I'm looking forward to next Christmas. I wonder what we'll make the following year??



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